Monday, December 11, 2017

The Cowardice Of The Democrats In Running Senator Franken Out Of Town On A Rail

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New Rule: From now on men all need to wear boxing gloves when women
are around as a defense against being accused of inappropriate

Soon to be former Senator Al Franken sure wishes tonight he followed
that rule. Because virtually his entire party turned on him, almost
in unison, literally overnight. Lawrence O'Donnell on his show last
night called it bravery. It was no such thing.

Senator Franken deserved a fair hearing in front of the Ethics
Committee. And if the Democrats thought that quickly yanking Franken
off the stage would strengthen the case for an Ethics Committee
investigation of Roy Moore, should he win in Alabama, they are more
than fools, they are cowardly fools. The most disgraceful thing here
is Franken's own treatment.

Indeed, the loudest nut jobs on Fox News were ridiculing the
Democrats today, openly mocking them, for their precipitous
"lynching" of Franken on such tenuous evidence, at least as far as
his conduct when actually in office. The one thing that would have
forced an ethics examination of Moore would have been a parallel
investigation of Franken going on at the same time. And today, the
Democrats threw that leverage into the trash.

Had there been an ethics investigation of Franken, every single
staffer who ever worked for him would have testified that not only
had they never themselves experienced or witnessed inappropriate
behavior, they never heard a hint or even a rumor of any such thing.
They have been saying things like that today. In this case, the open
secret was that Franken was a man of decency and honor.

Franken has posed for literally thousands of pictures with
constituents, surrounded by crowds of people, including staffers, and
never, not once, did anyone say, "Hey, did he just grab her ass?" The
difference between Franken and George H.W. "Cop-A-Feel" Bush or
Donald Trump or Roy Moore is like the difference between Bambi and a
pack of Godzillas, one sophomoric POSED picture or not.

The hyperbole about this is typified by the vicious innuendo of Corey
Lewandowski who suddenly lurched into the plural on a cable TV
appearance, ranting about the WOMEN that Franken groped in their
sleep, based on one stray picture. And that sudden lurch to the
plural flew right by the female host interviewing him. And if Franken
did actually grab right winger Tweeden's breasts that one time,
instead of just pretending to, don't you think there's a reasonable
chance she would have woken up on the spot? Don't you?

Yesterday, we applauded the women breaking their silence about real
assaults by real predators. But there are men who are innocent of the
assault accused as well, and not just today. Hashtag Kobe Bryant.

The day that accusations are automatically equated with conviction,
especially accusations as subject to misunderstood interpretation as
virtually all of those against Franken, is the day that the #MeToo
movement becomes a hysterical witch hunt that crucifies token
scapegoats, but does nothing to actually stop the worst of the actual

As Franken noted himself today, confessed sexual assaulter Donald
Trump continues to sit in the White House, while his own party made
Franken's position politically untenable.

While the Democrats eat their own in acts of self-flagellation, the
Republicans say let the voters decide. By that standard Franken
should have stayed in office and run for reelection.

And therein lies the fundamental difference between the Democrats and
the Republicans. The Democrats are basically cowards, unwilling to
put up a fight even when they are in the right. And Franken is the
least to blame for that, for his own party forced his hand.

While by diametric contrast the Republicans are ruthless, and
shamelessly and hypocritically so. So unprincipled are they, that
they will sell their moral souls for a single vote to pass a bill to
make the rich richer and decimate the poor and middle class at their

Speaking of which, call your members of Congress again right now and
howl about the Republican tax reverse Robin Hood ripoff.


Republicans say, "Child molester? Hey, if you can still get people to
vote for you, have a seat." As men of the so-called church make
excuses for Moore lamer than the dog ate my homework. Family values?

They will tell any lie, embrace any 180 degree contradiction, the
opposite of whatever they had previously said on videotape, to
justify condemning a Democrat, or defending a Republican, for the
very same thing.

It took Republican Senator Bob Packwood three years to resign finally
in 1995, in the midst of rampant stories of him harassing his own
staff. Republican Blake Farenthold, who still has not resigned even
now, cost Congress an 84 thousand dollar sexual harassment
settlement. Republican Trent Franks repeatedly pressured multiple
women staff members to agree to be impregnated by him.

They all needed to go. Franken, only the second senator to be so
expelled, did not.

At the same time progressive commentator Sam Seder was just himself
fired from NBC News solely because of single old tweet that was
clearly an absurdist satire. Politically incorrect humor it seems has
become an even more fatal than ever career ending offense. But
thankfully Seder has already been hired back.

Yes, sexual assault and harassment must stop.

BUT . . . punishment of the innocent must NOT take its place.

If Moore should win, and if the Republicans immediately back pedal
hard on an ethic investigation of him, we frankly hope that Franken
changes his mind about resigning without an investigation at all.

If you want to condemn the truly and clearly guilty, you can start by
demonstrating your resistance to the Trump debacle.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Npr rant -- Donald Kelly

NPR Rant

Last Thursday National Public Radio fired senior political commentator Juan Williams. Williams stated on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" his personal anxiety at seeing passengers in Arab dress on airplanes. Williams was simultaneously an employee of NPR and Fox News.

NPR claimed the remark was the culmination of statements that violated the organization’s rule barring personal statements in fact-based reporting and commentary. Fox News screamed censorship and elitism on NPR's part, adding that the publicly funded news group looked down on Williams' association with Fox. A chorus of conservatives in Congress called for the end of government spending on NPR and Public Television.

Judging by the way Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin pounced on the Williams firing, you'd think the Media Conservatives were waiting all their lives for this moment. And you would be right. Since the late 1980s when Ronald Reagan declared jihad on the National Endowment for the Arts, the Right has snipped with minimal success at NPR and related organizations that accept federal money. Now the Conservatives have a direct hit on National Public Radio, which is odd since the damage was self-inflicted.

NPR and Fox News one aspect in common besides employing Juan Williams: repetition.

Listening to the cyclical barrage of Obama criticism from Fox is to witness nit picking raised to an art equaled only by the old Soviet Union's propaganda tirades about the fascist, capitalist West. I anticipate the afternoon Fox News spends an entire news cycle informing us President Obama's socks don't match.

NPR's morning and evening news programs are repetitive in a different way. “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” contain only an hour of actual news programming, which it plays again the next hour with a business report sandwiched in between. The formatting of NPR's news reports are pretty routine, with happy sounding music following an upbeat story and mournful music after a downbeat item.

Many liberal critics have accused NPR of doing covertly what Fox News brags about: protecting the status quo. Political activist Noam Chomsky has accused NPR of pragmatic political shifts in news coverage to stay on the good side of whatever administration is in power. All this has helped make NPR as predictable as Fox News, minus its rival's sheer entertainment value.

Will the miniscule Federal funding NPR and Public Television receive be rescinded? Unlikely. Republican Jim DeMint, the Elmer Gantry of the U.S. Senate, put forward legislation to defund NPR, legislation that will go nowhere. Too many Congressmen have too many constituents who like the jazz and classical music NPR provides. And once the midterm elections are over in less than two weeks, the issue will evaporate.

Williams is ensconced on Fox News, upping the number of black on-air personalities the network employs to three. You can see a look of satisfaction on William's face when he joins his co-workers in calling for removal of government money from NPR's budget.
Fox News and NPR will continue to drone on to their target audiences who want their beliefs and prejudices confirmed and not challenged by the news they hear